Last week, my MacBook that I’ve had for five years decided to crap out on me after I tried to install some updates. The funny thing is I’d starting doing a little research online a few days back about the different laptops at Best Buy, but I came to the conclusion that a) I didn’t need a new laptop at that point and b) I didn’t need to spend my money on that anyway. Well, apparently my MacBook somehow knew I was looking elsewhere to fulfill my computing needs, and decided to teach me a lesson.

After trying to bring my laptop back to life again, my husband offered to buy me a new laptop as an early 5th anniversary present – and I happily accepted! I’m now the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Air!


Needless to say, I’m already obsessed with it. It’s faster, lighter, AND the keys light up! Three big pluses, if you ask me.

But despite how awesome my new laptop is, I thought I owed it to my MacBook to write it a proper obituary.

On April 3, 2014, MacBook took its last breath, surrounded by loved ones. It is survived by its fabulous owner, Catherine Drake, her husband, daughter, and dog. Throughout its five years of life, MacBook saw Catherine apply to, get in, and graduate with her MFA from Hollins University. MacBook was her sidekick through it all, storing all of Catherine’s stories in a safe place (with the help of MacBook’s friend, Back-Up Drive). MacBook was where Catherine started and completed her first YA manuscript, which doubled as her thesis, as well as her second YA manuscript she is in the process of editing again now. Unfortunately, MacBook won’t be alive to see this last draft finished. Despite that, Catherine will always be grateful for her time with MacBook, for with it, she learned how to be a writer. So, here’s to you, MacBook – may you find yourself in computer heaven with other trusty laptops and desktops who also left much too soon.