For those that didn’t watch last night’s episode of “Girls,” the main character, Hannah, started a new job at GQ. Her first day was fabulous – one of her colleagues showed her their “snack room” where all the food and drinks are free! Apart from one coworker who tells her on her second day he hates her face, her other coworkers love her and rave about the great work she’s already doing. Her reaction was priceless to me: though flattered, she tells them no offense, but that she’s a real writer. They each inform her they, too, are “real writers”; one even had something published in The NY Times. But the reality of it crushes her: none of them have time to do the writing they set out to do anymore because of their job.

This part really spoke to me, as I’m sure it did most viewers. I consider myself a “real writer” with unwavering dreams of publication. But in life, there will always be things that keep me away from my office, hammering out a new story, especially now that I’m a mother. Along with the fictitious character of Hannah on “Girls,” I’ve come upon my own brick wall of other responsibilities pulling me in other directions.

But then, one of her coworkers – the one that showed her the amazing snack room – gives her some wise words of advice: she can still write. She just has to make time for it when she’s not working, such as on nights and weekends. Hannah asks him if that’s what he does, too, in which he replies yes, that he did…he’s let it slip, but wants to get back into it. For me personally as a writer, these are the two different phases you can be in at one time: either writing religiously or, well, not at all.

And now, at this stage of the game, I’m choosing the first one. I’m making a pact with myself to write as often as I can, whenever I can. Because if it’s going to happen for me, I can’t let myself get comfortable in the stalled position. I have to keep going… and going… and going.

Did anyone else picture the Energizer bunny just now? No? Just me?