This past Monday, I did something I’ve never done before – something I’ve always been scared to do: I saw a movie alone. I’m sure to most this will seem like a silly accomplishment to brag about, but that’s not the case for me. For some reason, I’ve never desired to do this in the past. Whether because I didn’t want my fellow movie goers to judge me or because I just always assumed it’d be a really lonely experience – probably a little bit of both, if I’m being honest – I never did it. And more than that, I never had to – until now.

You see, a month and nine days ago, I became a mother. My husband was kind enough to watch our beautiful baby girl so that I could go to the movies solo. And I gotta say… I didn’t hate it! Quite the opposite, actually. When I got there, I ordered a popcorn and drink, and chose the very middle seat in the very middle row (I lucked out and was the only one in the theater). It was relaxing, mindless, and exactly what I needed. And the movie was good, too!

I never use my blog for anything personal; I always just assumed if and when the day came that I wanted to blog about my family and what-not, I would simply start a new blog for that purpose. But then, as I was taking in the adorableness that is Rachel McAdams on the big screen in the movie “About Time,” it hit me: writing and parenthood aren’t so different after all.

My daughter, Arya, is the main character. It’s safe to say the whole story revolves around her needs and demands. Will and I are the supporting characters, both metaphorically and literally. Ernie, our Westie, is more of a tertiary character – sometimes he’s a part of the scene (mainly to sniff the face and/or butt of his new sister), but usually he’s off lying around by himself, not part of the dialogue; and right now, the dialogue consists of a lot of grunting, crying, and new to the past couple weeks: cooing. For the most part, the setting doesn’t really change from our house, specifically the living room, her bedroom, and our bedroom.

But the plot itself – now, that’s the unpredictable part. I’m not talking about the day to day plot of eating, pooping, and sleeping (not necessarily in that order), but rather the more extended plot of Arya’s childhood. In the movie, “About Time,” the two main characters spoiler alert marry and have three children. The dad is a time-traveler who can only travel backwards in time. Towards the end of the movie (again, spoiler alert), he realizes that he has no need to travel backwards anymore – because really, we’re all time-travelers, moving forward, one day at a time. I cried at the ending because it made me realize something about this special time with my daughter: just as every other year and time period before this one, it won’t last. She won’t be this little for long – and even on the days when I’m stressed, she sneezes and somehow it gets in my eye and/or mouth, and she poops on me (which has happened more than once; I’m almost immune to it now) like every good story, I need to enjoy it. Because sometimes, she does something that totally makes up for the bad; yesterday, that came in the form of two huge, gummy smiles, reserved just for her mommy. You better believe I cried when she did that – happy tears, of course. And unlike with writing and time-traveling, I can’t go back to revisit and revise this part later – all I have is now.

And right now, I have a beautiful, happy almost 10 pound baby girl who looks like a combination of me and my grandmother. I’ve been away from her for an hour now and I already miss her. How crazy is that?

I’m still writing. In fact, somehow in my sleep deprivation, I came up with a new idea I can’t wait to start on. I’m lucky to have a husband who both supports my dream and encourages that I find “me” time away from our baby. So I’m going to make more time to pursue writing, querying, and blogging.

But I’m also going to enjoy my time with baby Arya. She was another dream I had, too.

And I adore being her mother.