On Tuesday, I finished (that’s right, I said FINISHED) editing my manuscript. A couple days before, I had this epiphany of how I should rework and change the ending and epilogue. For those that aren’t writers and can’t understand what an unbelievably FANTASTIC feeling this is, if you’re a gymnast, it’d be the equivalent of nailing a back flip or aerial or…whatever else is pretty difficult to do in gymnastics.

I’m not saying my ending is perfect (when is a book EVER perfect?), but I’m really proud of how it all wraps up now. And this is all super exciting alone. But yesterday, something else amazing happened: I stumbled upon the perfect song for a big subplot of my novel. Seriously, as soon as the lyrics first began, I immediately pictured different parts of my work playing out in a montage through my mind and this song was in the background. What song, you ask? “Arms” by Christina Perri. And if you happen to be in the same tiny boat I was in and haven’t heard it yet, check out the video below.