It’s crazy that another year has come and gone just like that. Seriously, it feels like it was only a month ago that I was coming up with resolutions for 2012! While I didn’t exactly meet all four of mine, I did manage to accomplish two of them:

  1. I completed a new manuscript and sent out a batch of queries.
  2. For the most part, I enjoyed life much more.

There were several factors that went into the successful completion of #2, and I have to thank my rheumatologist first and foremost for helping me feel SO MUCH BETTER. Seriously, once my arthritis was under control and my pain was gone, it made a world of difference in my happiness, energy, and all-around attitude!

I also did my fair share of one of my favorite activities in 2012: traveling! Within the year, I managed to squeeze in trips to Austin, TX for a pitch conference with Jess; Wilmington, NC with my BFF, Sara; a trip to see Phish 4 nights in a row in Noblesville, IN & Alpine Valley, WI with Will, Tara, & Bill; NYC with my mom to see Madonna; DC to see Madonna for a second time with Sara; Atlanta with my boss & lovely coworker, Hayley, for market; AND another trip to NYC to ring in the new year with Phish and great friends.

Apart from traveling, I also did something else exciting in 2012: I graduated and received my MFA from Hollins! 

I may not have read nearly as much as I hoped to this past year and I obviously didn’t follow up with my resolution to blog more, but I’m hoping to fix that in 2013. Hey, better late than never, right?

*Switching gears, let’s go back to #1: yes, I did complete a manuscript and yes, I have queried it. However, I think I’m going to fine-tune it a bit more. But I’m still really proud of it and myself for bringing it to fruition! It’s a great feeling.

Now, let’s talk goals for 2013:

Apart from maintaining my previous goals of reading more and blogging more, I also hereby challenge myself to:

  1. Finish a first draft of a new project as well as continue to edit my previous one.
  2. Not sweat the small stuff anymore.
  3. Keep my desk area/work space organized. (Seriously, this’ll probably be the hardest resolution for me to follow. Just ask my husband.)
  4. Stay in better contact with my close friends. Sure, we’re all busy, but I want to put forth more of an effort to stay in the loop with my buddies this year! Especially my weasels. 😉

I could keep going, but to be realistic, I’m stopping there.

Cheers to each of you in 2013! Happy reading, writing, traveling, and anything else you may enjoy! May the new year treat you well.