“…One is silver, and the other’s gold.” Yes, I’m a dork for quoting a saying I’m pretty sure I learned in Girl Scouts. 😉

Corny thoughts aside, I think this saying is extremely fitting for writing, too – as writers, we constantly have to “make new friends” (read: create new characters). Each time I begin a new story (unless writing a sequel, of course, which I hope to one day accomplish), I have to come up with a brand new protagonist, who I hope will become not only a friend, but a best friend. I learn everything there is to know about the character – including her strengths and flaws, her deepest and darkest secrets, etc. – so that I can accurately tell her story. Not gonna lie, sometimes I fight with my protag. and disagree with her decisions, just as I sometimes do with my real friends. But no matter what, I care about her, which makes me sad to get to the ending of her story – to say goodbye.

That being said, I have to remind myself that I can always visit my previous main character again – can relive her story any time I want. (Hey, I created her, after all!) “Keep the old,” right? But when you finish revising and polishing a story, the logical step for any writer is to move on to the next story inside you – to give a new protagonist her turn in the spotlight.

And this is where I am right now. I just started a new WIP, which means I’m getting to know a new protagonist. Since we just met a couple weeks ago, we’re not exactly besties yet. But she’s slowly starting to open up to me – more and more each day – so I’m crossing my fingers that will soon change. 🙂