Warning: The blog entry was written on very little sleep. Therefore it might make very little sense.

While editing the last chapter of my WIP today, I was reminded of a movie from my childhood, “The NeverEnding Story.”  Not because I haven’t figured out how and where my story ends – but because I’m starting to believe revising as a whole is a never-ending process. Once I finish polishing my last chapter, naturally I plan to read through it more and hopefully have writing friends critique it and offer feedback as well. But that’s not what I mean either exactly.

Looking back on my thesis and first completed manuscript, I feel confident in saying it is well polished. As I’ve blogged before, my thesis was workshopped in a few different classes by different groups of fellow students and professors. I was fortunate to be given all of their opinions and feedback and implement those I felt strengthened my story. So like I said, my thesis is polished. But does that mean I think it’s absolutely perfect? Not at all. But is it as good as I can make it? In my opinion, yes. Did it take me quite a while to get that point? You bet it did. So as far as my thesis goes, I consider the editing process sealed and finished. (Of course, if an editor or agent ever deems it necessary to take another look at it, that’s a horse of a different color all-together.)

But this leads me back to my current WIP. As I mentioned in my last entry, since I’m done with school, I’m on my own now in the initial creating stage – which is where I sit right now. And today while revising, I panicked at that very thought. In a way, this means the editing process might be never-ending – at least to the extent of how I feel regarding my thesis. No matter how many times I myself read over it, I doubt I’ll ever consider it as polished as my thesis.

But after I took a break from editing and looked up “The NeverEnding Story” on IMDb, one particular quote caught my eye and made me feel a lot better: “Never give up and good luck will find you.”

There’s no way I’ll ever consider my WIP perfect. But if I keep working to make it better, maybe good luck will then find me – preferably in the form of an agent and/or editor who love the story almost as much I do. 🙂

Hey, if you’re going to dream, dream big. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some editing to finish.