Last week, my husband caught a cold. Neither one of us had been sick now for at least a couple years, so needless to say, I was paranoid I would catch it, too. But being the good wife I am (or at least try to be on occasion :P), I tried to take care of him regardless. Growing up, my mom always made sure I had plenty of liquids whenever I came down with something, so apart from taking medicine, I also constantly badgered him about drinking enough. Funny thing about my husband is when he gets sick, he gets sick. As in for several days straight with little to no improvement. It took him around 5 days in fact to even turn a corner at all, which was this past weekend. Well, yesterday when I left work, my throat started feeling funny and sure enough, I’m sick now, too.

But even though I’m really congested today and feel pretty out of it, I managed to find one perk of being sick: I wrote a chapter and though this could just be the medicine talking, I’m really pleased with the pages I cranked out today. As some of my writer friends know, I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall lately with writing. Actually it’s more like I just keep hitting the same brick wall over and over again. But today was different. I know I’ll probably jinx myself now, but honestly, I feel like I’m finally starting to get my groove back just like how Angela Bassett did in “How Stella Got Her Groove Back.” Granted there is a big difference here – I got my writing groove back thanks to the sick haze I found myself in today, while Angela got hers back with the help of the super sexy Taye Diggs – but still I gotta say, I’m really ecstatic right now.

I’m finally working on a WIP that I’m seriously crushing on hard core (we don’t know each other well enough quite yet to say the “L” word, but I’m hoping that’s not too far off) and I’m really excited about where the characters might take me.

So, to all my fellow writers out there, I hope you, too, have a WIP you’re working on that you really, really like. And if you don’t, my advice would be to go out, find someone with a cold, and have them breathe on you. Or curl up with a movie featuring the deliciously handsome (I love you, Will! :P) Taye Diggs. Either way, you can’t go wrong.