A few days ago while at work, my husband called to inform me he’d just bought a new book shelf. It’s a good thing, too, because since we both seem to accumulate books as quickly as I’d imagine junkies collect crack, we desperately needed a new one. But what Will didn’t tell me was that he also went to the trouble to find and surprise me with a nice new desk chair. (When I first sat in it, the word “aaaahhh” came to mind.) All I needed then was a new keyboard; the one on my MacBook works fine, but I wanted one with wider, more decisive sounding keys. Coincidentally I also wanted to stall a little bit. 😉 But that’s beside the point. It’s no secret that lately I haven’t written as much as I’d like (or should), but now that I have what I consider to be an almost perfect set-up (big desk, comfy chair, new keyboard, & the clutter of books now properly tucked away on a book shelf) I don’t have any excuses anymore not to write.

I’ve built the writing space equivalent of a “Field of Dreams.” So all you characters out there that have apparently taken a winter break: it’s time for you to come on back.

And any writers out there whose characters have also taken a break without permission, I encourage you to evaluate your own writing area. Is there anything you can do to improve it? Even if it’s something small, change something. Move your laptop, adjust your lighting, etc. One of my least favorite quotes ever growing up was “the only thing constant in life is change.” But maybe just that handful of seconds spent changing something where you write will be long enough to trigger a stroke of brilliance.

Which leads me to one of my favorite quotes growing up, taken from the old McDonald’s McWorld commercials: