After wasting $8 to see “New Years’ Eve” – seriously, in my opinion it makes “Valentine’s Day” look like an epic film – I got to thinking about the upcoming year, which first led me to worrying about it possibly being our last one (yes, the whole 2012 thing scares me. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, don’t look it up. And definitely don’t watch the History Channel documentary on it.)  Sure, I don’t really think it’ll happen…but that slim chance freaks me out for reals.

But anyway, after I pushed that from my mind, I started making a mental list of new resolutions that I actually think I have a shot at keeping, and I wanted to share them with you guys, especially since #1 is…

  • UPDATE MY BLOG MORE OFTEN! Lord knows I’ve dropped the ball on that one a lot this current year, but I’m going to challenge myself to get my butt in line & update it at least once a week, as well as hold a fun giveaway monthly.
  • #2: READ, READ, READ! I’ve done decently well with this task in 2011, but I’m hoping to read even more next year! And not just YA (although I’m sure that will take up the majority), but anything that looks interesting! Hopefully I’ll also get to read some more of my writer friends’ WIP’s as well. (I’m looking at YOU, Jess & Rach!) 🙂
  • #3: COMPLETE A SECOND MANUSCRIPT & QUERY THAT BAD BOY. I’ve started a few different stories over the past year that I have left hanging, but not anymore! One now has my full attention & I hope to bang out a first draft of it by March to send to my writer friends to critique, edit it based on their feedback, send them polished drafts, & then re-edit those until I’m completely happy with it – which I’m hoping will be around June or July. 
  • And last but definitely by no means least… #4: ENJOY LIFE MORE. After the recent shooting at Virginia Tech, I was reminded once again that life is a gift that can be taken from us at any moment. I know I’ve taken it for granted for some time now, but not anymore. And neither should any of you!


What about you? Have you thought up any resolutions yet?