First of all for those who were wondering, no, I’m not dead! Since my last entry, I’d like to say I’ve been uber-busy (which, honestly, isn’t inaccurate. In the past couple months my thesis was approved by my second reader, I turned it into my advisor, and after paying my graduation fees, officially can call myself an MFA graduate. Oh, and I’m also working part-time at a store I used to work at last year.), but that’s no excuse for letting my blog get all dusty and forgotten. It won’t happen again, friends!

But moving on… one thing I’ve really been pondering lately is whether or not working on a WIP whose ending hasn’t come to you yet is such a good idea. I’ve got a couple ideas that have been floating through my mind lately for stories – one is actually a WIP I started a while back I want to re-work, the other entirely new – but the thing is, I don’t really know how one should end. As I said in a previous entry, outlines aren’t really my friends anyway when writing, but I typically still have the bare bones of an ending in mind when I write. So if I go forward without it, it’ll definitely be unchartered territory for me. Do any of you write that way successfully (i.e., without pulling your hair out and going crazy)? 😛 Well, regardless, I’m going to try it. Wish me luck, guys.