A few weeks ago, I was writing like crazy – if not every day, at least every other. Well, all of a sudden, I stopped. And not for lack of trying either! It was like my characters had all decided to go on some awesome vacation…and I wasn’t invited.

My usual writers’ block tricks weren’t cutting it either (i.e., listening to my WIP’s playlist, making notes, even trying to steal some mojo from Jess…) and I was stumped trying to come up with witty tweets! You know when you can’t even write 140 characters, something’s really wrong. I’ve been through a writing drought before, but I guess I was naive enough to believe it wouldn’t happen to me again – that I was to the point now where my creative juices would endlessly flow.

But yesterday I realized I may be down but I’m not out. After talking with Jess about my upcoming trip to KY (my husband’s cousin is getting married & we’re visiting some family), she made a good point: that I should try to use the trip for inspiration. In other words, I should take pictures and lay the groundwork of the setting of a story (either one of my current WIP’s or a new one altogether) first and let it inspire the details of the plot later. As a writer who constantly struggles with the in’s and out’s of setting (where to set a story, when to mention setting, etc.), I’m looking forward to the challenge! And who knows, maybe that’s exactly where my characters are waiting for me. Hey, a girl can hope, right?