This weekend I attended my first ever writer’s conference – the Roanoke Regional held at Hollins University. Jess went, too, and we learned quite a bit having to do with the in’s and out’s of finding an agent, what we should and probably should not share on our blogs, just how confusing and lengthy publishing contracts can be, and rounded out the day with a class on the art of lying (aka fiction). All in all, it was a great success, and well worth the money we paid for it. 🙂 We were in the minority of both younger people and children’s book writers, but as one professor put it, we should be proud of that! Call me a nerd but I loved every minute of it. Not only that, but I love just being around other writers… because, as one speaker so eloquently put it, it’s like we’re all kindred spirits.

But if you were to ask for the one most valuable nugget of wisdom I took from the experience, it had to be courtesy of the brilliant agent Joan Timberlake: “if you have to write, DO IT!” & “DO NOT give up!” Okay, so that was 2 things, but since they both go hand in hand just go with it, okay? 😉

Now that this one is done, I’m already itching to find another to attend soon! Anyone have a recommendation? Drop it in the comments! 🙂