Ever have a restless, in & out of sleep night when new interesting story ideas bounce around your mind, and you literally can’t wait to wake up the next morning and put pen to paper? That’s what happened to me last night. This idea for a dystopian novel came to me out of the blue, and during my semi-conscious state, it seemed brilliant. When I finally did fall asleep for good, I was pumped. Until I woke up.

That’s when I realized my super amazing story idea made about as much sense as Liz Lemon’s line in an episode of “30 Rock” when she was discussing ideas that come to her in sleep that she gets up to write down… but the next morning her notepad says things like, “Make everybody be twins” and “electric toilets.” And, unfortunately, that’s what my idea was in the light of day… something that could only make sense in a dream-like state. And let me just say that my dreams never make any sense anyway.

What about you guys? Ever had an idea come to you in between sleep cycles that actually made sense the next morning?