Yesterday the Caren Johnson Literary Agency had a live twitter pitch session at 7 pm. I made up my mind in the morning to pitch my thesis to them, spent a while wrestling with the perfect pitch (considering I only had around 130 characters w/the hashtag and all), and tried to fight off the growing number of butterflies in my stomach all day long. I always figured once I started querying, I’d be nervous… I had no idea I’d be that nervous.

Then I realized why: apart from classmates and professors reading my work, I’d never actually put myself out there before. Even though it was only one short sentence describing the basic story line, it was still my very first baby step into the business. That’s scary, people!

Unfortunately, though, I never got a reply. Most of those who posted seemed to get a “yes, send me the first 5/30 pages” or a “this isn’t for me, so no thanks” response. Me? Nothing. I was a little disappointed I didn’t even get my first rejection; I guess I just wanted to get that first over with as well.

So now I’m not sure this even counted. For one, I didn’t have to actually type out a dreaded query letter. And two, I received no response, positive or negative.

Oh well. I guess that means I’ve got to proceed with the querying process the old fashioned way. I’m sure I’ll get my first (and second and third and fourth and…) rejection then. 🙂 But I’m ready for them. Bring ’em on!