I honestly never planned to start a blog. At least not until I became rich and famous, and I had no other choice. 😉 Kidding aside though, I guess I never really gave the idea of blogging myself a chance. But after chatting with one of my best girl friends (and fellow aspiring YA writer), Jess, I realized I’d just been stubborn and well, to be honest, a little scared. Scared of being judged for what I say. But after my recent blog convo with Jess, I got to thinking: isn’t that what writing’s all about? Others reading your words and deciding for themselves if they love you and think you’re brilliant, or think your writing’s complete and utter shit? Don’t all writers have to just suck it up and swallow that gigantic pill that not everyone will adore their work, though some just might?

Before I go on, I guess I should stop and introduce myself. I’m Catherine Drake, current MFA student in the Children’s Lit. program at Hollins University. Though I’ve learned to appreciate the different genres in children’s literature — from picture books, to chapter books, to middle grade, to tween, to YA, and all the boundary books in between, my passion has been and still continues to be primarily YA. I’ve completed a YA novel as my thesis for the program, and just turned it in a couple months ago to my advisor for review. That project aside, I’ve begun another one lately that is part contemporary, part sci-fi I hope to turn into a series of 2 or more books. More on all that stuff later, though.

So, this is my (tentative) plan for this blog:

  1. to discuss my writing woohoo’s and woe’s
  2. update you on my agent search that will begin in a month or so (cross your fingers for me)
  3. discuss YA books and authors I love and highly recommend
  4. and more than likely ramble on about random stories and anecdotes of my personal life

Sound good? I sure hope so! But for now, I better get back to work. I’m on Chapter 10 now of my WIP (work in progress), and my characters may not cooperate with me if I keep them waiting too long. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

So, cheers to those who are still reading. 🙂 Have a wonderful Hump Day, and I’ll see you next time!